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665776_eraserDespite my initial gung-ho attitude of  editors-be-damned, I’m going to do this all myself, I’ve had a slight change in heart. Yes, I know my grammar is impeccable and my spelling stellar, but I also know the common sense value of having a second, critically-trained set of eyes on my manuscript before self-publishing. (It’s still so odd to read that phrase on my own blog after all the years I’ve been beaten over the head with the ‘you’re nothing if you don’t publish traditionally!’ stick.

Anyway, this list is

a)by no means complete

b)by no means an endorsement

c) just my way of getting all those Firefox bookmarks out of my Erotica Research folder and into a useable place where I won’t lose them. Use at your own risk, let me know of updates and most definitely, let me know who I’ve missed/who you’ve used/who you’d recommend and I’ll keep this post updated to the best of my ability.

As always, do your research and be sure you know not only what you’re looking for but for someone who has the talent, skill and knowledge to meet your needs.

In only the order I clicked on links as I googled, “Freelance Editors”:

1. The Red Pen Coach

2. Annie Seaton Editing

3. Fiction editing services by Susan May Warren

4. Author EMS Freelancers and Proofreaders

5. Kerri Nelson’s Deep Cover Edits

6. Editing by Rhonda

7. The Romantic Editor

8. Editing Services by author Trish Milburn

9. Sally Berneathy Editing Services

10. Red Pen Reviews Editing

11. Formatting4U

12. Jennifer Bray-Weber Critiquing & Editing Services

13. Finish the Story

14. Editing…With Style

15. Bev Katz Rosenbaum Editing

16. Blue Otter Editing

17. Wizards in Publishing

18. The Author’s Red Room

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